Here you can find all the compound products you would ever need. Read further in our products sub pages to see what we have to offer.

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Schmidts Polérmedel AB
Kungsgatan 65 
341 32 Ljungby

Tel. +46 372-146 50

Schmidts Polérmedel AB was founded 1905 and is a family company now run by the 4th generation.

Schmidts Polérmedel develops and manufactures grinding and polishing compounds for surface finishing industries.

We can offer our customers:

A fully-equipped research department for testing compounds and methods.
Careful laboratory control of raw materials and manufacturing processes.
Rational production and handling with in-house designed machinery.

Here you will find a selection of compounds from our standard assortment, which may be regarded as a base assortment for most applications.

They are also to be found in many variants concerning sharpness, consistency etc.